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Attention when using gas spring

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In the process of using the gas spring, we must pay attention to some matters. In short, it can be used from the following points to facilitate the use of the wrong gas spring.

1. Due to the harsh environment of the construction machinery, the sealing requirements of the gas spring are high. When using it, dust and other debris should be prevented from entering the gas spring. Also, prevent sharp tools from scratching or damaging the surface of the gas spring piston rod and do not apply paint and corrosive chemicals to the piston rod.

2. The gas spring stroke should be added with a certain margin (about 10mm) on the basis of the working stroke to avoid the impact of the installation process, affecting the life and performance of the gas spring.

3. The gas springs arranged on the construction machinery, because the using environment is outdoor, the service life is generally short, and should be considered during design.

4. The ambient temperature range for the working of the gas spring is generally -35 to +60 °C.

5. The pressure gas spring can't bear the lateral force or the oblique force during the working process, otherwise the eccentric wear phenomenon will occur, which will cause the gas spring to fail early, and should also be considered during design.

6. For the door structure with light weight and no locking device, the design should ensure that the connection between the fixed point of the gas spring and the movable support point passes through the center of rotation after the door is closed, so as to ensure that the elastic force of the gas spring can close the door. Otherwise, the gas spring will often push the door open; for a heavier door structure (the cover of the machine), it is best to have a locking device.

7. When the gas spring is in the closed state and working state, there must be no relative motion, and the continuous expansion and contraction amount should be controlled within the required range.

8. The door structure of the construction machinery (such as the cover of the machine) is generally heavier. When using the gas spring, the gas spring with the safety device should be considered to avoid the safety hazard caused by the failure of the gas spring.

9. The gas spring should not be used as a limit device. It is necessary to add a limit device. Generally, the rubber head is used for limiting.


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