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Tips when using the gas spring

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1.Install gas springs with the piston rod pointing DOWN. This is to ensure that the piston seal is kept lubricated.

2. The installation point position is a guarantee that gas spring can work correctly.   The gas spring must be installed in the correct way that when it is closed, it must exceed the gravity center of structure, otherwise the gas spring will automatically push the door.

3. Don’t install gas spring in inclined position, it should not work with tilting force or lateral force.

4. In order to ensure the reliability of the seal, don’t break piston rod surface. It is strictly forbidden to paint chemicals on the rod. It is also not allowed to spray and paint after gas spring is installed first.

5. Gas spring is a high-pressure product, don’t take apart, keep away from high temperature and collision.

6. In order to prevent the end fitting from loosening, the piston rod is strictly prohibited to rotate to the left. If the joint direction needs to be adjusted, rotating to the right please.

7. The working temperature: -35 ° C to + 80 ° C. (Specific manufacturing can reach 100 ° C)

8. The joint point should be flexible and can not be jammed.

9. Should choose the reasonable gas spring size and force. Stroke length should have a margin of 10 mm.

10. Do not press the gas spring above 300N directly because the contact area is too small, it is not easy to compress. Please compress after installation on the object.

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