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Judgement of gas spring quality

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The quality of the gas spring is not easy to judge. The layman can't find the problem at all. Some professionals in the industry can't guarantee the stability. The gas spring is a gas-tight product. If you only look at the surface, you can hardly see any problems. Generally, you can find the problem within three months. The time for good products will not be problematic, but the quality will not be problematic. However, the off is not the same, and there will often be air leaks, and when the oil leaks seriously, it will explode and cause unnecessary accidents.

The gas spring is an industrial accessory that can support, cushion, brake and adjust the angle. The control element and the control unit in the cylinder, if mixed with a mixture of gas and oil liquid, cause a sudden increase in the pressure in the cylinder, so that smooth movement of the piston rod is not easy. When judging the quality of a gas spring, the first thing to consider is the sealing, and the second is the service life. The life is calculated according to the number of times of full expansion, and finally the change of the force value in the stroke.

The magnitude of the change in the value of the gas spring force is an important criterion for measuring the quality of a gas spring. The smaller the magnitude of the change, the better the quality of the gas spring, and vice versa. At the same time, it is also a kind of lifting spring that can save labor, and can be divided into self-locking spring and non-self-locking spring. The self-locking spring works very stable, but the efficiency is not high. On the contrary, the self-locking spring does not work fast, but it is easy to cause problems. It is not difficult to see that the quality of the gas spring is not an absolute value. It is determined according to the environment.

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