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Causes and solutions for gas spring leakage

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For the pressure self-sealing gas spring, after a long time of application, the rubber of the upper cover and the capsule sealing part has compression permanent deformation and rubber aging phenomenon, and when the sudden large impact is suddenly applied, the upper cover and the capsule sealing portion may appear. Air leakage occurs in conjunction with misalignment. Especially in the winter when the temperature is lowered, the performance of the rubber material is further deteriorated, and it is more prone to air leakage failure. In addition to the factors of the degassing spring itself, the complicated operation conditions, improper operation during operation and maintenance are also the main factors causing air leakage between the upper cover and the capsule.

The leakage of the upper cover and the lower seat seal is because the upper or lower seat seal is a layer of vulcanized rubber. In the production, when the metal frame of the upper cover and the rubber are vulcanized, the cleanliness of the vulcanized surface is not enough or the coating of the adhesive is not uniform, so that the rubber bond strength here is poor, and the degumming and the deformation of the rubber layer occur during the use for a period of time, resulting in leakage. Gas phenomenon.

Artificial or accidental breakage of the capsule during use can also cause air leaks. During the overhaul, if the self-sealing gas spring is found to be slightly leaking from the upper cover and the capsule, it is generally not treated, or the nitrogen in the gas spring is drained, and then re-inflated, and the gas leakage phenomenon can generally be eliminated. For gas springs that use repeated slight air leaks and severe air leaks, they should be disassembled and inspected, replaced if necessary, or replaced as a whole.

The choice of the number of gas springs: according to the needs of the line, combined with the structure of the mold and the point of the force, the mold will not appear eccentric during the work, but also must be easy to adjust the mold. In this way, the gas spring can have a sufficient life in use.

Selection of the pressure ratio of the gas spring: It can be selected according to the characteristic curve of the nitrogen gas spring and the requirements of the stamping process to determine the type of the nitrogen gas spring. In particular, when the working force is required to change smoothly, or when the working force is substantially constant and the initial force is large, it is more important to determine the boost ratio.

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