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Attention of gas spring installation

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The application of the support rod needs to ensure that it is installed correctly. This requires us to grasp the relevant installation skills when installing the support rod. What should be paid attention to in the specific installation? Please give us a detailed introduction below.

1. The hydraulic support rod piston rod must be installed in the down position and must not be flipped, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance.

2. Determine the installation position of the fulcrum is the guarantee that the hydraulic support rod can work correctly. The hydraulic support rod must be installed in the correct way, that is, when it is closed, let it move through the center line of the structure. Otherwise, the hydraulic support rod will automatically push the door automatically. open.

3. The hydraulic support rod should not be subjected to the tilting force or the lateral force during the work. Do not use as handrails.

4. To ensure the reliability of the seal, the surface of the piston rod must not be damaged. It is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemicals to the piston rod. It is also not allowed to spray or paint the hydraulic support rods after they have been installed in the desired position.

5. The hydraulic support rod is a high-pressure product, and it is strictly forbidden to dissect, fire and bump.

6. The hydraulic support rod piston rod is strictly prohibited to rotate to the left. If you need to adjust the joint direction, you can only turn to the right. Ambient temperature: -35°C - + 70°C. (Specific manufacturing 80°C)

7. Install the joint point, it should be flexible and can not be jammed.

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