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Gas spring application in automobiles

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There are generally three places where a car needs a gas spring, one is the front hood of the car, the other is the car spring of the trunk, and the third is the corner adjuster of the seat series.

First, the car front box hood gas spring:

The front cover hood page of the car generally uses a buffer hydraulic rod, because sometimes the buffer is required to open the front cover slowly. The joint is generally black and the shaft is black because the color of the engine inside is black. , so the front cover of the car is a hydraulic rod (damper)

Second, the car trunk gas spring:

The car trunk gas spring is heavier than the front cover because of the weight of the back cover. Sometimes, the gas spring of the support series has to be in the trunk, so the car trunk is applied with the car gas spring support bar.

Third, gas springs for car seats

This is an adjustable and controllable gas spring, also called a lock angle adjuster, because the car seat sometimes needs to adjust the position before and after, stop at any position, so the car gas spring is the third type of lock angle adjuster .

To sum up the above points: There are three kinds of automobile gas springs: the front cover buffer hydraulic rod, the car trunk support gas spring, and the car seat lock angle adjuster.

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