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Advantages of using gas springs in medical devices

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Gas springs have applications in many fields, such as the automobile manufacturing industry, construction machinery industry, medical equipment industry, financial equipment industry, railway equipment industry, furniture industry, food machinery industry and so on. Today I will briefly introduce the use of gas springs in medical equipment.

Medical devices are relatively advanced and sophisticated in the eyes of most people. This is because medical devices have essential differences in structural design and functional requirements compared to ordinary devices. Medical equipment, as a service for personal examination and treatment, has stricter requirements on reliability and controllability, so gas springs play a great role in this type of mechanical structure. In the treatment and inspection, the control of the instrument arm is particularly important. When an emergency occurs, the general mechanical equipment cannot be controlled after it is turned on, so it can only be cut off, which is prone to danger. With the use of gas springs, its process is controllable and reliable. He can stop at any time and place, and has enough reliable support.

One of them that has to be mentioned is the operating table, which is an essential sanitary equipment for field medical institutions, and the electric operating table provides a multifunctional treatment platform for the injured. Its functions are to support the body of the wounded and the injured, adjust the position of the operation, and enable the medical staff to smoothly complete various operations under convenient and comfortable conditions. The field surgical bed currently equipped with the army has played an important role in medical support, and gas springs have also been used in the operating bed. The back, seat, and leg plates all adopt large-stroke controllable gas spring support mechanisms, which makes it very convenient to adjust the position. When the supporting mechanism is in working state, it needs a large supporting force, it needs to satisfy the force balance equation, and the controllable gas spring supporting force is the largest. Therefore, the requirements for gas springs are also higher, which requires reliable quality produced by gas spring manufacturers.

Changzhou Double Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality support gas springs, lockable gas springs, tension gas springs, dampers, gas springs for cabinets and other products. Products are widely used in office furniture (seat gas spring), toolbox, cabinets, car tail boxes, hoods, yachts, medical equipment, fitness equipment, new doors and windows and other fields.


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