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Gas Spring application in TV bracket

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The TV intelligent turntable is a product that innovatively introduces the gas spring free hovering and lifting technology into the TV hanger, which can help users easily lift and lower the TV screen at any height. In addition, with a horizontal rotation of plus or minus 90 degrees, your screen can be adjusted left and right within the maximum range, allowing more people to share the wonderful content of the smart TV with more angles. The exquisite lateral rotation design at the joints of the arms and the positive and negative 180-degree rotation angle design make it easy to realize more changes in the smart TV. With gas spring technology, you can have four TV angles for one TV. The widespread use of gas springs has greatly facilitated consumer demand.

Changzhou Double Spring Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of high quality support gas springs, lockable gas springs, tension gas springs, dampers, gas springs for cabinets and other products. Products are widely used in office furniture (seat gas spring), toolbox, cabinets, car tail boxes, hoods, yachts, medical equipment, fitness equipment, new doors and windows and other fields.

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