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What are the various uses of gas springs?

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Gas bracing is actually a layman's phrase. Our industry is often used to call support rods and gas springs. Gas bracing is commonly known by people in other industries based on its own function and structure. The use of support rods is currently very broad. From automobile and motorcycle industry, machinery industry, electronics industry to transportation, fitness sports, medical equipment, ubiquitous, and many manufacturers' staff do not know much about his installation method. One of the advantages of gas springs is that they are simple to install, and gas springs are generally There are connectors, and the specifications of the connectors are many, but they all have their characteristics. Generally, they are screws, nuts, or directly threaded teeth. Then your device must have silk holes that meet his size. The main thing is When the gas spring is installed up and down, the piston rod must be downward and the cylinder body must be upward. This is in line with the working principle of the gas spring.

As a new term, gas spring has gradually appeared in some Internet newspapers, and its practical scope has also developed from some basic car trunks and hood support to the machinery manufacturing industry, used for equipment accessories support, and equipment shock absorption. The support of the tool box cover, the medical industry, fitness equipment and other fields, as its practicality is further recognized, the range of use is also getting wider and wider.

Some people in the industry asked: The application range of gas springs is getting wider and wider, does it have any impact on the original telescoping springs? I personally think that it will not have an impact on the original spring, of course, it will have a certain impact, because most of the use of gas springs are innovations in the design of some corporate products, such as the back box of three wheeled motorcycles. Useful), now using gas springs is very light, convenient, labor-saving, and some units do not know, so his design has certain limitations, but companies must have innovation to be in an unbeaten position in the industry .

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