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Some FAQ of the Gas Spring

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1. How to detect the quality of the gas spring?

The first is to look at the surface, mainly to see if the surface of the paint is uniform, and then see if there is oil spillage in the stroke and cylinder intersection, if there is, the quality is very poor, and the seal is not done well. After a period of use, oil leakage and air leakage occur because the gas spring cylinder is filled with a mixture of oil and gas.

2. How does the gas spring test the lifting force?

Here are two of the simplest methods:

Method 1: Place the gas spring perpendicular to the ground, and then place a weight on it until the piston rod of the gas spring moves toward the cylinder. At this time, the weight of the weight is probably the force of the gas spring.

Method 2: Grab the cylinder of the gas spring by hand, and press the piston rod vertically to the electronic scale. At this time, the reading on the electronic scale is probably the lifting force of the gas spring.

3, gas spring withstand voltage test

It is to let the cylinder tube withstand the required pressure, and it is not allowed to leak oil leakage during a certain period of time. This test is typically tested prior to production, typically three times the maximum compressive force of the gas spring.

4. If the gas spring is broken, can it be repaired?

It is not possible, because once the gas spring leaks or leaks, it means that the seal in the gas spring has failed, the reasons are:

(1) The quality of the gas spring itself is not good, the piston rod is rough, the quality of the seal is poor, etc.;

(2) Pit, groove or thorns appear on the piston rod, and the seal is broken;

(3) The piston rod part is painted and glued.

All of these reasons can cause the seal to fail, resulting in the gas spring being scrapped.

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