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Wide application of self-locking gas spring

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At present, pneumatic springs are widely used in furniture, vehicles and other similar equipment, but the existing pneumatic springs have simple structures and functions and cannot be locked when expanded or compressed. Some pneumatic springs that can achieve expansion lock have complex structures and insufficient dust-proof effects, and are not suitable for parts with harsh environments such as engine compartment covers. Therefore, it is necessary to further research and improve the existing pneumatic springs.

In view of the above shortcomings, researchers have developed a built-in tensile self-locking gas spring, hoping to solve the technical problems of the prior art that the gas spring has a single structure, cannot achieve tensile locking, and has insufficient dust-proof effect. In order to solve the above technical problems, the following technical solutions can be adopted: a built-in retractable self-locking gas spring, including a cylinder, a piston is installed in the cylinder, a piston rod is installed on the piston rod, and a movable lock core and a fixed ring are sleeved on the piston rod. A fixed lock sleeve matched with the movable lock core is installed on the inner wall of the cylinder, an unlocking tooth is provided on the fixed lock sleeve, and a guide sleeve is also installed in the cylinder. Compared with the prior art, in the process of expanding the piston rod of the self-locking gas spring, the movable lock core sleeved outside the self-locking gas spring can enter the fixed lock sleeve to form a clamping, and the gas spring will automatically form a mechanical lock after the expansion; Under the action of the unlocking teeth on the fixed lock sleeve, the movable lock cylinder can be moved and unlocked after being removed from the fixed lock sleeve. At the same time, its built-in tensile self-locking gas spring has a simple structure, and the built-in mechanical locking structure is complete and dustproof It has good performance and is not affected by the harsh external environment. It is especially suitable for installation and use on engine compartment covers and other components. It can also be used on other equipment that uses pneumatic springs. It has a wide range of applications.

The self-locking gas spring is a gas spring that can be locked at any stroke position. There is a needle valve at the end of the piston rod. If the needle valve is opened, it can work like a free gas spring. When the needle valve is released, it can lock itself in the current position, and the self-locking force is often very large, that is, it can support a relatively large force. Therefore, the self-locking gas spring can be locked at any position of the stroke while maintaining the function of the free gas spring, and can withstand a large load after being locked. Self-locking gas springs can be divided into elastic self-locking and rigid self-locking according to different self-locking forms. Rigid self-locking is divided into rigid self-locking in the press-in direction, rigid self-lock in the tensile direction and rigid self-lock in the press-in tensile direction; elasticity; Self-locking means that when the gas spring opens the needle valve, it acts as a buffer when releasing the needle valve self-locking. The self-locking gas spring has the function of supporting and adjusting the height, the operation is very flexible, and the structure is relatively simple, so it is widely used.

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