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Reasonable use and installation of gas struts

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Air support is actually a layman. In our industry, we are accustomed to calling support rods and gas springs. Air support is commonly called by people in other industries based on its own function and structure. The use of support rods is very wide. , From the furniture industry, automobile and motorcycle industry, machinery industry, electronics industry to transportation, fitness sports, medical equipment, it is ubiquitous, and many factory staff do not know his installation method, one of the advantages of gas springs is simple installation, 1 .The gas spring piston rod must be installed in the downward position, not upside-down, which can reduce friction and ensure the best damping quality and cushioning performance. 2. Determining the installation position of the fulcrum is the guarantee for the gas spring to work correctly. The gas spring must be installed in the correct way, that is, when it is closed, move it across the center line of the structure, otherwise, the gas spring will often automatically push the door open. 3. The gas spring should not be subjected to tilting force or lateral force during operation. Not to be used as a handrail. 4. To ensure the reliability of the seal, do not damage the surface of the piston rod, and it is strictly forbidden to apply paint and chemical substances on the piston rod. It is also not allowed to install the gas spring in the required position before spraying or painting. 5. The gas spring is a high-pressure product, and it is strictly forbidden to analyze, burn, or hit it at will. 6. The gas spring piston rod is strictly prohibited to rotate to the left. If you need to adjust the direction of the joint, you can only turn it to the right. 7. Operating environment temperature: -35℃-+70℃. (Specifically manufactured at 80℃) 8. The connection point should be installed flexibly without jamming. 9. The size should be reasonable, the size of the force should be appropriate, and the stroke size of the piston rod should have a margin of 8 mm.

The gas spring is a gas-tight product, so we cannot see the quality of the gas spring from the appearance. It will reflect the problems after 3 months of use: such as air leakage and oil leakage and more serious explosions. , It is recommended that the selection of gas springs must first look at the production capacity and production status of the factory, as well as the development and production experience, and pay more attention to exports and bulk purchases. Strengthen your own testing, in case you choose accidentally, it will cause mass product quality problems.

As a spare part with a wide range of uses, gas springs are constantly being updated, and they must continue to develop and innovate in order to adapt to the market. The craftsmanship three years ago is now basically eliminated. As for our Double Spring Machinery, the product More than 80% of the products are exported. The products follow the German craftsmanship. Together with our own research and development, we have new crafts born every year to ensure the quality of the products. We insist: speak with quality.

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