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Talking about the detailed knowledge of gas spring

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Regarding gas springs, today we will solve a few problems:

One is: how to detect the quality of the gas spring?

The second is: how to test the lifting force of the gas spring?

The third is: pressure test of gas spring

The fourth is: If the gas spring is broken, can it be repaired?

       Let's solve these four problems separately.

1. How to check the quality of the gas spring?

The first is to look at the surface, mainly to see whether the spray paint on the surface is even, and then to see whether there is oil spillage at the junction of the stroke and the cylinder. If there is, the quality is poor and the seal is not well done. After a period of use, oil and air leakage will occur because the gas spring cylinder is filled with a mixture of oil and gas.

2. How to test the lifting force of the gas spring?

The two simplest methods are mainly introduced:

Method 1: Put the gas spring perpendicular to the ground, and then place a heavy object on it until the piston rod of the gas spring moves toward the cylinder. At this time, the weight of the heavy object is approximately the lifting force of the gas spring.

Method 2: Hold the cylinder of the gas spring with your hand, and press a section of the piston rod vertically against the electronic scale. At this time, the reading on the electronic scale is probably the lifting force of the gas spring.

3. Pressure test of gas spring

It is to allow the cylinder to bear the required pressure, and within a certain period of time, no oil leakage is allowed. This test is generally carried out before production, usually three times the maximum compression force of the gas spring.

4. If the gas spring is broken, can it be repaired?

The answer is no, because once the gas spring leaks oil or gas, it means that the seal in the gas spring has failed. The reasons are:

(1) The quality of the gas spring itself is not good enough, the piston rod is rough, and the quality of the seal is poor;

(2) There are pits, grooves or sharp thorns in the piston rod, and the seal is cut;

(3) The piston rod is painted and glued.

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